Internship 6 months

Internship offer 6 months:

Institutional Relations Associate

Available from March 2023

6 month internship

Full time

Place : Marseille 1st



An experience within Delta France Associations, c'is to integrate an association whose spearhead is the'commitment of the youth of France. Through'actions in favour of culture, the'environment, health, solidarity and'inclusion, student life, the'innovation, scientific research and sport, the'association is the'one of the great leaders of youth mobilization. 

Delta France Associations, c'is also a structure that develops rapidly in an atmosphere "start-up" and which combines innovative local, national and European missions. 

L'association also organizes the Delta Festival. This large gathering has become the most important student forum in'Europe with 150,000 festival-goers in 2022, 700 structures represented and over 5,000 volunteers/organizers. 

This event is a good example of the philosophy of the'association: the need for'combine the festive and the'commitment to spread positive messages to the youth population and to the partners who gravitate around this eco-system. 


Reporting to the Public Relations department, the intern will be responsible for'assist the Public Relations managers:

  • Assistance and support for the submission and follow-up of grant applications and public contracts 
  • Relations with institutional partners (City, Metropolis, Department, Region, Ministry, ARS, MILDECA...).
  • Participation in  l'organization of health actions throughout the'year: the campaign against addictive behavior (aimed at students and high school students) and the implementation of the Youth against Cancer campaign.
  • Operational support in the'organization of meetings and structured dialogue exchange times during the Delta hubs
  • Participation in the drafting of'a white paper resulting from the meetings organized during the various Delta hubs
  • Support for the implementation of tools to promote the various projects (events, vlog, website).
  • Management of the'health and prevention space  within the Delta Festival (relations with institutional partners, prospecting).  


Level Bac +3/5 type Pharmacology, Health, SciencesPo, etc

Organized, punctual, rigorous and autonomous

Force of proposal, spirit of innovation'initiative and creativity

Excellent interpersonal skills

Interested in public health, CSR issues

A l'comfortable with numbers and'administrative

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