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By creating an account, you can:

- Reload your available balance on your cashless card before and during the festival via the online cashless space
- View your cashless card balance and transaction history
- Register your credit card for a faster online reload
- Block your cashless card and get a new one in case of loss or theft at the festival
- Get your cashless balance back after the festival
Note that creating an online account is optional and can be done at any time.

How do I get my cashless card back?

You can pick it up at the entrance of the festival if you have topped it up before the festival. If not, you can pick up a cashless card at the cashless banks on the festival.

Stand Cashless Delta Festival

How do I recharge my account?

Before the festival, you can top up your cashless balance online by creating an account on the Cashless Space.

During the festival you can recharge your card at the banks located on the site, in two ways:

  • only by credit card : with your smartphone on this page :
  • by credit card or cash: at the cashless banks on the festival

You can recharge your account as many times as you like before and during the festival.

Where can I use my cashless card?

You will be able to pay for your drinks with your cashless card at all the points of sale of the festival:

  • Bar
  • VIP Bar
  • Red Bull Bar
  • Bar Kronembourg
  • Disbursers (mobile beer sales)
  • External foodtrucks
  • Delta food trucks
  • Carousel
  • Bungee jumping
  • Checkroom + Lockers Buoys
  • Water bar for lockers
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Which means of payment on the spot?

You can recharge your cashless card with cash or credit card on the festival website.

Recharge Cashless Delta Festival

What happens if my card is lost or stolen?

If you have created an account via the link above, you will be able to request the blocking of your card by going to the cashless bank.

You can create an account after picking up a card at the cashless bank by entering the 6-letter ID of the card.

This identification is necessary to allow your card to be blocked. If you have not created an account and associated your card, the blocking will be impossible.

On the other hand, if you have not created an account, your card is like your wallet: if you lose it, it will unfortunately be impossible to recover the money stored on it.

What happens to my money after the festival?

Your balance can be used on all days of the festival.

It is possible to recover the remaining balance on your card after the festival. You will have 14 days after the festival to recover your balance. To do so, log in to your account and verify that your balance appears. You can then request a refund and enter the credit card to which the remaining balance will be credited.

If your balance does not appear, check that your cashless card is linked to your account: the 6-letter ID should be next to your email address.

If you did not create an account, you will be able to do so by using the 6-letter ID on your cashless card.

There is a 1€ fee for requesting a refund of your cashless card balance.

Do I have to create a cashless account?

No, you can get a cashless card directly at the festival without having an account, and recharge your card directly at the festival cashless banks. However, you will not be able to consume if you do not have a cashless card.

Is there a charge for the card?

No, your card is not charged, but a fee of €1 is charged on your first top-up.

How can I find out the balance on my card?

If you have created a cashless account, you will be able to check your balance via your smartphone. You can also check your balance at the cashless banks and at the various points of sale at the festival.

Do I have access to a summary of my transactions?

Yes, you can access the summary of your transactions via your smartphone by logging into your account on the cashless space and if necessary, receive a receipt.

How does my card work?

Your card is equipped with an electronic chip in which your money is stored. Take care of it to avoid any inconvenience! Avoid any exposure to heat or flame and do not try to pierce it: this would immediately render it inoperative.

Which ticket number should I enter?

The ticket number you need to fill in is the barcode number of the ticket from the first day of the festival so that your media is given to you as soon as your ticket is scanned. Do not confuse your ticket number with the order number.

I come several days on the festival, do I have to create an account per day?

No, one account is enough! You will have to remember to use the barcode number of the ticket of the first day you come so that your support is given to you as soon as you scan your ticket on your first day on the festival.

Refund info

Do you have an unused balance on your cashless card at the end of the festival? Don't worry! A refund request period will be in place from July 8, 2022 to July 22, 2022*.

*Processing fee of 1€ to request a refund.

* Refund possible from 1,50€ of remaining balance.

Do you have any other questions? Are you experiencing difficulties?

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