Rules and regulations of the delta festival



Rules and regulations are established to govern the operation of the DELTA FESTIVAL (hereinafter referred to as the "Festival") during the event of June 29, 2022, June 30, 2022, July 1, 2022, July 2, 2022 and July 3, 2022 at the address located at Les Plages du Prado, 13008 Marseille and at the address located at 200, Corniche Président John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 13007 Marseille


The present rules and regulations (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules") are published by DELTA FRANCE ASSOCIATIONS, an association under the law of 1901, registered with the INSEE under the SIREN n°808 331 888, domiciled at 68, rue Sainte, 13001 Marseille (hereinafter referred to as the "Organizer").


Any person entering the perimeter of the Festival on the Prado Beaches in Marseille - where the said Festival includes the stage / space known as "Hidden" at 200, Corniche Président John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 13007 Marseille - must comply with the present Regulations; and this during the entire duration of the event.




2.1 - Access to the festival under the condition of being a ticket holder


Access to the event is by presentation of a valid e-ticket or m-ticket.


In case of loss or inaccessibility of an e-ticket or m-ticket, the festival-goer must contact SAS SHOTGUN (  where the Organizer shall be called upon only as a last resort.


Each festival-goer entering an event must have a valid ticket.


Access to the Festival site is subject to a valid ticket and a valid security check.


All persons present on the Festival grounds must keep their ticket, access card or accreditation at all times and be able to present it at any time upon request by the Organizer's staff, until the end of the event.


2.2 - Access to authorized personnel


Any person present at the event (artist, technician, journalist, service provider, organizer, etc.) must wear a visible identification bracelet or badge.


These wristbands or badges are issued only by the Organizer.


The Organizer reserves the right to ask for a proof of identity at the entrance of the Festival and during the whole event.


2.3 - Acceptance of risk


Anyone entering the Festival accepts the risk of being confronted with a large crowd and declares himself or herself to be in good physical, mental and moral health.


2.4 - Access for people with reduced mobility


Appropriate equipment is in place on the Festival site for the reception and access of people with reduced mobility.




Without this list being exhaustive, each festival-goer, partner, professional, influencer, public figure, political figure, institution, etc. is informed that, during the Festival, he or she is likely to be photographed and/or filmed.


Each festival participant, partner, professional, influencer, public figure, political figure, institution, etc. expressly acknowledges that his or her image may be used in the production of aftermovies, photos, videos and reports for the purpose of promoting the Festival, by any means, in any format, without restriction of time or place.


This use may be made by the Organizer on all of its communications media and social networks in order to promote the DELTA FESTIVAL event in the context of non-commercial communication.


By accessing the Festival, each festival-goer, partner, professional, influencer, public figure, political figure, institution, etc. accepts - in the event of filming and broadcasting of a film (even a video clip) or retransmission of the event on any digital, computerized and/or photographic medium - that his or her image is likely to appear there.

By adhering to the present Rules, each festival-goer, partner, professional, influencer, public figure, political figure, institution, etc. authorizes the Organizer and its agents (professional photographers, drones, filmmakers, etc.) to reproduce his or her image in photographs for the purpose of promoting and communicating the Festival.

This authorization implies the possibility for the Organizer and its agents to make to the initial fixation of the image of the festival-goer, partner, professional, influencer, public personality, political personality, institution, etc. all modifications, adaptations or deletions that it will consider useful (in particular by using, publishing, reproducing, adapting or modifying it, alone or in combination with other materials, by all means, methods or techniques currently known or to come).

Except with the express agreement of the festival-goer, partner, professional, influencer, public figure, political figure, institution, etc., the image of the latter may in no case be used and exploited for commercial purposes (e.g. promotion of commercial partners).


It is expressly specified that the authorization to film or photograph is entrusted to nominally identified persons and for precisely delimited subjects.


The Organizer reserves the right to refuse access to any person who has received permission to photograph or film during the Festival for a story that is not the one he or she is actually pursuing.




Access to the festival is forbidden to minors under the age of 16.


Minors between 16 and 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult.




The festival-goer is informed that in case he/she wants to leave the festival grounds during the event, several scenarios are possible:


  • 1 DAY PASS holders: all exits are final;


  • Holder of a 2 DAY PASS, a 3 DAY PASS, a 4 DAY PASS or a

5 DAY PASS: all exits are final on each day of the event;


  • VIP PASS holder: the exit from the festival is not definitive to allow access to the "Hidden" experience.


A wristband will be given at the entrance of the Festival on the first day of validity of the PASS and will allow access to the site the following days.


Each festival-goer is informed that his or her bracelet is non-transferable and cannot be replaced in case of loss.


A bracelet not fixed around the wrist, cut, tied by hand, will not be valid and the festival-goer will be automatically refused access.




Pursuant to Articles L. 3342-1 et seq. and R. 3353-1 of the Public Health Code, it is forbidden to sell or offer alcohol free of charge to minors under 18 years of age and to persons who are obviously drunk.


The person issuing the alcoholic beverage may require the festival-goer to provide proof of age, including identification.




7.1 - Drinking Places


It is forbidden for bartenders and waiters at the Festival to give a drink to an obviously drunk person.


The person issuing the drink reserves the right not to serve a festival-goer.


Anyone identified as being intoxicated will be denied access to the Festival.


Anyone identified as being intoxicated will be removed from the Festival site.


No refunds will be made under this clause.


Any offender will be held responsible and may be prosecuted.


The Organizer reserves the right to contact the police.


7.2 - Safety and conduct in case of evacuation


In the event of a major incident endangering the safety of festival-goers and staff within the perimeter of the event, such as a major technical problem, fire, bomb threat or discovery of a suspicious package, the evacuation of the said perimeter will be triggered by an order given over the microphone.


In order for the evacuation to be carried out in the best conditions of safety and time, the people present on the Festival site must immediately and calmly move towards the emergency exits provided for this purpose to be guided out by the security personnel.


7.3 - Smoking


In application of articles L. 3512-8 and R. 3512-1 and following of the Public Health Code, smoking is prohibited in all closed and covered places open to the public.


This prohibition applies in all closed and covered areas of the Festival.


7.4 - Drugs


The Organizer reminds that article 222-37 of the Penal Code states that:


"The illicit transport, possession, offer, transfer, acquisition or use of drugs is punishable by ten years' imprisonment and a fine of 7,500,000 euros.

The same penalties shall be imposed for facilitating, by any means whatsoever, the illegal use of narcotics, for having narcotics delivered to oneself by means of fictitious or complacent prescriptions, or for delivering narcotics upon presentation of such prescriptions with the knowledge of their fictitious or complacent nature.

The first two paragraphs of Article 132-23 on the security period are applicable to the offenses provided for in this article."


Pursuant to Article L. 3421-1 of the Public Health Code, the illicit use of narcotics is also prohibited.


In application of article L. 5132-7 of the Public Health Code, each festival-goer is invited to consult the decree of February 22, 1990 establishing the list of substances classified as narcotics.


It is therefore forbidden to use or trade drugs within the Festival.


Anyone identified as being under the influence of drugs will be denied access to the Festival.


Anyone identified as being under the influence of drugs will be removed from the Festival site.


Any person identified as a drug user will be denied access to the Festival.


Any person identified as being in possession of drugs will be expelled from the Festival site.


No refunds will be made under this clause.


Any offender will be held responsible and may be prosecuted.


The Organizer reserves the right to contact the police.


7.5 - Various safety rules


All persons must strictly adhere to the instructions of the Festival security personnel.


Security personnel are responsible for responding to incidents, accidents, violence, evacuations and for enforcing these rules and regulations.


The festivalgoer agrees to submit to any control or verification measures intended to ensure the safety of persons and property within the festival grounds.


Festival-goers may be required to undergo a security pat-down.


Access may be denied to anyone who does not comply with these measures.




8.1 - Prohibited items


For safety reasons, it is strictly forbidden to introduce :


- bulky objects;

- bags (containers) of more than twenty (20) liters;

- umbrellas;

- syringes or any other medical equipment unless a medical certificate is presented proving that the equipment is necessary for the maintenance of the person's health;

- motorcycle and bicycle helmets and all other types of helmets;

- animals (except for dogs accompanying the visually impaired);

- bottles, cans, and sharp and/or blunt objects;

- alcoholic beverages;

- objects that can be used as projectiles;

- weapons and ammunition of all categories, tear gas canisters, etc. ;

- objects that are dangerous to the safety, security and health of the people present on the

the Festival website ;

- pyrotechnic articles, explosive, flammable or volatile substances;

- signs and banners of any size of a political, ideological, religious or other nature



Any offender will be held responsible and may be prosecuted.


These items will be automatically checked out [and/or confiscated for release to law enforcement] - by security personnel - and then checked out in exchange for a counter mark (if not confiscated).


This list is not exhaustive and the objects which are not registered but which are dangerous to others or to oneself, according to the sovereign appreciation of the security personnel, may be confiscated by the latter in the same way and under the same conditions as the objects contained in the said list.


The festival-goer will have to retrieve their items at the exit if they have not been confiscated.


In case of loss or damage of these objects, the Organizer declines all responsibility.


8.2 - Capture of images and sounds by festival-goers


All professional recordings (sound, film, audiovisual) are prohibited before, during and after the Festival. Professional cameras and recording devices are not allowed inside the Festival.


Any photo/video made with this type of camera is forbidden, with or without flash, unless expressly authorized by the Organizer.


Any offender will have his devices confiscated at the entrance and/or during the Festival.


8.3 - Leaflets and surveys


Opinion polls are not permitted within the Festival grounds without authorization from the Organizer. Promotions, distribution of leaflets or flyers in the Festival area or in its surroundings are prohibited as they are contrary to the Organizer's desire to preserve the environment.


The collection of donations is prohibited on the premises and in the vicinity of the Festival.



The venues and spaces of the Festival must be used in accordance with their purpose.


Any theft or damage will be prosecuted.


In order to preserve the quality of the Festival's infrastructures, it is forbidden to put inscriptions or posters on any movable or immovable place. In accordance with the spirit of the Festival and in order to preserve the environment, it is strictly forbidden to throw garbage on the ground, on the beach or in the sea.


Festival-goers are asked to respect the premises and not to urinate anywhere other than in the toilets provided free of charge.


Any use of the electrical network installed for the occasion is prohibited for any person other than duly authorized personnel.


Any offender will be held responsible and may be expelled from the Festival.


9.1 - Respect for the neighborhood


Festival-goers must ensure that they do not disturb the neighborhood by any indecent or disruptive behavior (urinating on the public highway, littering, making noise, causing damage, etc.) when entering or leaving the Festival site.


9.2 - Respect for the environment


Festival goers should not throw cigarette butts or any other waste on the ground.


The treatment of cigarette butts and waste is managed by the Organizer and its partners in order to recycle or revalorize them.


Each festivalgoer is asked to respect all the eco-responsible and waste management measures set up by the Organizer and indicated on the Festival site.


It is requested that each festival-goer does not throw Ecocups or any type of waste on the ground or in the sea.


As the Festival has a part open to the sea, each festival-goer is asked to respect the local fauna and flora by not polluting the beaches and the sea.


It is forbidden to bring plastic bottles or glasses into the Festival.


It is recommended to bring your own water bottle in order to be able to refuel in the water points provided.


9.3 - Respect for morals and ethics


Festival-goers are asked to refrain from any aggressive, violent or insulting behavior, or any attitude contrary to good morals, likely to inconvenience other festival-goers, the artists or the staff.




Sexual and gender-based violence and harassment (SGBV) have no place at the DELTA FESTIVAL.


In case of insult, harassment, assault, rape or any other endangerment or attempt to endanger the life of others, the festival-goer who is guilty of these misdeeds may be held responsible after being removed by security and expelled from the Festival.


The Organizer reserves the right to contact the police.


In order to prevent such behavior, the Organizer has set up a "SAFE ZONE" and a "SAFE BRIGADE" team to avoid this type of mischief.


The Organizer cannot be held responsible for these VHSS exercised by festival-goers against other festival-goers.


No type of discrimination will be accepted in the enclosure and around the Festival such as LBGTphobia, racism, sexism, grossophobia, all forms of discrimination against religions or cultural backgrounds, etc.




It is forbidden to engage in proselytizing, religious or political acts, to proceed to quests, subscription and / or collection of signatures.


Trade and advertising are also prohibited within the Festival grounds without the authorization of the Organizer.




Any found object will be given to the information point (at the entrance) of the Festival.


A form will be posted on the Organizer's website to record lost items.




As accepted when purchasing a ticket or as part of an invitation to the event, the festival-goer is bound by article 11 of the Organizer's general terms and conditions of sale.


In addition, the Organizer cannot be held responsible for:

- in the event of a change in the content of the Festival;

- in the event of changes in artistic programming and schedules;

- of any fact beyond its control.


The festival-goer is responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, that he/she may cause during his/her presence and / or by his/her actions and will be held accountable, civilly and / or criminally.




The Organizer organizes many activities that can be dangerous if the safety rules are not respected.


The festival-goer agrees to respect the safety instructions inherent to each activity in order to avoid any type of incident that could be dangerous for him/herself or other festival-goers.


The Organizer reserves the right to prohibit access to activities or entertainment to a festival-goer who does not respect these rules or who behaves in a dangerous or inappropriate manner.




Festival-goers are responsible for any personal belongings not checked in.

The Organizer cannot be held responsible for any damage, loss or damage to the

any theft involving such items.


                                                                                                                                                                             in Marseille, on June 27, 2022


                                                                                                                                Olivier LEDOT & Matthieu PREDAL

                                                                                                                                President and Vice President of DELTA FRANCE ASSOCIATIONS